Norm K IIMy story begins as I was somewhat hard of hearing since childhood, and two of my brothers and cousins wear hearing aids. I served in the U.S. Army in the fifties, which is a whole other story in itself!!  Tinnitus and Meniere’s disease introduced me to a hearing aid and finally a Cochlear® Nucleus® Freedom® Cochlear Implant (CI24RE) in 2008. Later, I was fitted with bilateral  Nucleus® 5 Sound Processors in 2009. I was able to  hear my grand children and backyard birds once again in addition to other familiar sounds.

I received my Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor upgrade in July 2015. It’s another new world for me! The SCAN program is super as is the Wireless Mini Mic. We stopped to eat after my audiologist programmed  the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor upgrade.  In using the Mini Mic, I could not believe how I well I could hear with the typical restaurant background noise. The  Super Market  stop was next; I could hear my wife talking  when I was 30 feet away.

When I use my lawn mower I always carry the Remote Assistant to turn the sound down; lawn mowers are noisy as are weed whackers and trimmers. Now the SCAN program does it for me…it’s awesome!!   Watching my grandchildren’s  basketball games in a gym is the same story. Hearing at Lions Club meetings, Cochlear volunteer functions, and church services is so much better now. People are even commenting  that I can hear better. The Mini Mic works well when watching TV.  I simply place the Mini Mic in front of the TV, set the sound processor, and bingo, the sound comes right into my sound processor!  When I turn on the telecoil when using the telephone, the sound is much better. The upgrade, in my personal opinion, is a super big improvement. I think Cochlear has another winner. When I talk to cochlear implant candidates, I tell them how lucky they are.  End of story.

-NormNorman K

Norm is a Cochlear Volunteer who “pays it forward” by sharing his story and helping others who may benefit from an implantable hearing solution. To become a volunteer and share your story, apply today!

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Marilyn Flood