nina“When I was about 39, I noticed that people were starting to mumble. The doctors were not sure why I lost my hearing. I decided to try hearing aids and realized that the only thing the hearing aids were doing for me was raising the volume. I was just hearing louder mumbling. It isolated me a little bit in the fact that I didn’t do all the things I used to do because I was having such a difficult time hearing.

Losing my hearing was life altering and very scary. I am a very social person. My hearing loss took away some of the social activities I was involved with. It was hard on my family to adjust, they would forget that I couldn’t hear them. I had to make adjustments in order to function in everyday life. I knew that I wanted Cochlear implants.

My Nucleus® Cochlear Implants gave me back my hearing. They helped me to participate in the show Survivor, which was an amazing experience. I would have never been able to go out there and play Survivor without them. It gave me that sense of “I can do anything. If I can do this, I can do anything.”

Now with the Cochlear Wireless Accessories, I have more freedom and can do even more. I love the Mini Mic. I use it in so many different situations to hear even better, like hiking with my husband, eating dinner in a noisy restaurant and shopping with my granddaughter. It brings the sound directly to my sound processor and gives me even more clarity.

Nina P_WirelessThe other wireless accessory I love is the Phone Clip. I can actually talk on the phone again! I use it in the car to talk hands-free while I’m driving or to follow the directions on my GPS. I love the Phone Clip for listening to music while I’m running. The best part is I’m completely wireless. I’m just running and singing and enjoying myself.

The wireless accessories are super, super easy to use. I absolutely love all these wireless accessories that Cochlear has come out with. They have given me more freedom than I had before. I feel like now I’m back to 100% Nina before she lost her hearing.

Don’t let your hearing hold you back and keep you from doing the things that you want to do.”

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