Hearing loss can feel like an obtrusive barrier in the workplace. But it doesn’t have to be.

Meet Sandy B., Carly S., and Michael N.: three professionals who use Cochlear™ True Wireless™ accessories in the workplace to accomplish their professional goals and connect with coworkers.

Cochlear has a variety of wireless accessories designed to pair with Nucleus® and Baha® sound processors, including the Phone Clip, Mini Mic 2+, TV Streamer, and Remote Control/Remote Assistant. Each accessory is designed to help Cochlear recipients hear the important sounds in their day-to-day lives, including the workplace.

Sandy connects with her coworkers

Watch as Sandy explains how the Phone Clip improved her ability to communicate during meetings:

For Sandy, the realization that she was unable to hear her coworkers was frightening.

“I first realized I had a problem a little over ten years ago, and I got to the point where I realized I missed about sixty percent of a meeting that I was in,” she said. “I had just come to the point when I was afraid that I was not going to be able to work any longer. It left me feeling alone and depressed.”

Sandy said her world changed after she received a Cochlear™ Implant.

“I can communicate again and I can just enjoy the conversation that takes place,” she said.

By securing the Phone Clip to her shirt, she can instantly and wirelessly connect with coworkers.

“In a weird way you don’t notice it,” she said. “It’s what it should be—as if I didn’t have the problem to begin with.”

Michael is able to travel and stay focused

Michael said he uses his Phone Clip to stream music to his processor every single day at work.

“It helps me to focus when I’m trying to crank out emails and PowerPoints,” he said. “I have to recharge the battery every single day because I use it every single day … It’s literally the best thing I’ve ever had.”

The connectivity doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Phone Clip, Michael uses the Mini Mic to stream audio wirelessly from his laptop.

“Within the role of marketing, there’s videos, things I have to review, and I have to look through edits and cuts. So it’s great to be able to hear the audio that way,” he said. “With any organization, there’s online training courses I have to take, and the Mini Mic is perfect for streaming the lectures from those training modules to my processor.”

Michael travels frequently for work, and he said the Remote Assistant allows him to filter out the noises he doesn’t want to hear.

“If I’m trying to read a book or get some work done but I don’t want to hear the distracting background noise on a plane, I whip out the Remote Assistant and make it so I hear the audio streaming and nothing else,” he said. “It has saved me so many times when there are crying babies on planes.”

He has also found a use for his Mini Mic on long flights with in-flight entertainment.

“Usually you have to plug in headphones, which don’t work for a Cochlear Implant or Baha recipients. But I’m able to plug the Mini Mic into the audio port and stream wirelessly from the entertainment station,” he said. “It’s fantastic for nine-hour flights.”

Carly loves talking on the phone and streaming music

Carly agrees that the Phone Clip is a discrete and effective way to communicate with coworkers, especially when they’re not physically present.

“Before there would always be a disconnect, or I’d be the one talking the most so I didn’t have to worry about hearing,” Carly said. “Now, I do a lot more listening, and I’m actually able to hear.”

She said she used to dislike phone calls, but now she loves them.

“I talk on the phone so much more now because of the Phone Clip,” she said. “I used to avoid phone calls in general— I liked FaceTime® because I could read lips— but now I don’t really avoid them at all.”

She also appreciates the ability to stream music from her phone straight to her processor with the Phone Clip.

“When I’m listening to music, I don’t feel like I get distracted,” she said. “I love being able to plug in and listen to music, and just have that hyper-focused feeling.”

Carly added that it has enhanced her overall level of communication and confidence in the workplace.

“At work, it makes me able to do my job better because I’m able to talk and be instructed,” she said.

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Skylar Mason
As a journalism student, Baha recipient, and Anders Tjellström Scholarship winner, Skylar is excited to join the team at Cochlear as an intern to tell the stories of other CI and Baha recipients! She attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.