Class schedule? Check.

Textbooks? Check.

Cochlear’s Back-to-School Kit? Check.

As the school year begins, it’s important to be prepared. The Back-to-School Kit is a perfect way to equip your student with everything they need to start the school year right.

The kit is loaded with helpful guides for you and your child’s teacher, school supplies, activities and a few surprises to make the return to school a success.

Each child gets a Cochlear branded backpack, lunch box, water bottle, Kaci the Koala plush toy, coloring book, crayons, stickers, waterproof case and more.

Teachers get a Back-to-School Guide for Parents and Teachers, Wireless Technology in the Classroom Guide and demo sound processor to help educate themselves and their students about Cochlear technology.

You can choose to upgrade your kit with the Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ or CR230 Remote Assistant to help your child succeed in the classroom.

Equipping Autumn for Success

For Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 recipient Autumn, the Back-to-School Kit was the perfect way to help her teacher and classmates understand the purpose of her cochlear implant.

Read as Autumn’s mom, Debbie, shares her story:

“As a parent of a cochlear implant kid, going back to school can be an even more stressful time. The Back-to-School Kit was a great tool to help educate my child’s teacher, their classmates, other students and even other parents about my daughter Autumn’s cochlear implant.

Autumn is in a mainstream class at a private school. Before school started, I reached out to her teacher to talk through Autumn’s cochlear implant. We set up time with her to walk through the guides, learn the basics of her cochlear implant and explain what Autumn needed to be successful in the classroom.

On the first day of school, we used the coloring book to walk through what was on Autumn’s head. We passed the dummy sound processor around the room and let other kids in the class try it on their head.

Then my older son’s teacher in two grades up asked if I would present to her class as well. A lot of the parents stopped me and said how helpful it was for their children and families to learn about cochlear implants.

When Autumn lost her sound processor on the playground, everyone knew how important it was and stopped to help her look for it. It was great to see such a supportive environment for Autumn!

And Autumn loved the backpack, lunch box and all the great goodies she received.

The Back-to-School Kit really helped the first week of school go so much better. Autumn felt more comfortable with her peers and had a more successful start in the classroom.

We even used the Back-to-School Kit to educate counselors and kids at camp. It worked great! We are looking forward to using the Back-to-School Kit to start off another successful school year for Autumn.”

It’s easy to order the 2018 Cochlear Back-to-School Kit online! You can also order it with the CR230 Remote Assistant or the Mini Microphone 2+.

Happy learning!

Skylar Mason
As a journalism student, Baha recipient, and Anders Tjellström Scholarship winner, Skylar is excited to join the team at Cochlear as an intern to tell the stories of other CI and Baha recipients! She attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.