Fernando lives and breathes the global economy. As the Head of Treasury of a publicly listed transport company in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the 46-year old needs to keep abreast of trends affecting the global economy – from emerging trade wars to renewable energy.


Overcome Noisy Environments

With his global role, an opportunity to attend a banking conference about current geopolitical trends was a no brainer.

The fact that he was one of about 1,000 banking professionals at what is typically a very noisy event didn’t concern Fernando, even though he has hearing loss and is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient.

“That would have been a big hurdle for me in the past,” says Fernando, who was born with severe to profound hearing loss.

But struggling to hear and understand voices in noisy environments is a thing of the past for Fernando with the built-in feature of Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors called SmartSound® iQ SCAN technology1. SCAN technology automatically adjusts the sound processor’s microphones to suit whatever environment you are in.

Fernando at work on his computer. He is overcoming noisy environments.

“It cuts out the background noise and allows you to understand conversations and speech in noisy environments,” says. Fernando. “At a banking conference, I can now understand 100% what they’re saying.”

Understanding the detail is important for Fernando who relies on being up-to-date with the latest market information when negotiating high-value loans and derivatives with international banks and investors.

Technology for work

Using the technology, Fernando easily participates in webinars, delivers presentations, and can understand colleagues and event speakers with foreign accents, which is crucial in his line of work.

One challenge for Fernando is trying to keep up with conversations if there are many people in the meeting room talking at the same time.

“Always pay attention to the meeting host and look at peoples´ eyes. Try to grab their attention by making small movements with your hands: this can help grab people´s attention and they will look at you.” Fernando says being able to see people’s faces when they are talking helps him to follow the conversation.

Fernando’s other tip is to use digital tools to support you in the workplace. He uses mobile messaging app, WhatsApp2, and LinkedIn®3 for professional networking to connect with others using text-based apps rather than relying on audio.

YouTube and Google4 are also useful when it comes to understanding foreign accents, says Fernando who frequently travels and has worked for international companies for many years.

“I try to learn the words that are widely spoken in a country. I watch YouTube and make some notes so I can understand some of the local phrases,” he says.

Fernando proud and smiling because he has overcome noisy environments.

“At work you have to be wary that you will have to learn lots of new sounds. Just listen to them and ask people if you don´t recognize them. You should never get stressed. The sounds will come in naturally over time.

“Try to pay attention to people that sit behind you and listen to them talking. I had a wonderful experience when my colleague from the investors relations department was talking to one of our investors over the phone and I could understand 100% of what she was saying. I just smiled and was very thrilled,” says Fernando.

“If you are always eager to learn things, it makes it much easier. And never give up, never be afraid. We always grow in adverse environments.”

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  1. SNR-NR, WNR and SCAN are approved for use with any recipient ages 6 years and older, who is able to 1) complete objective speech perception testing in quiet and in noise in order to determine and document performance 2) report a preference for different program settings.
  2. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
  3. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, the IN logo and InMail are registered trademarks or trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
  4. © 2020 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google Play, the Google Play logo and YouTube are trademarks of Google LLC.
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