Journaling daily is one of the most powerful habits an individual can acquire. Journaling about experiences can be calming, satisfying and insightful. It can also aid with goal setting and tracking of cochlear implant hearing therapy progression and successes.


Spurs your motivation

As part of your morning creative surge, use your journal to review and capture your daily to-do list and long-term goals. Review and hone your cochlear implant hearing experience, vision and big-picture goals for where you want to eventually be.

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As you read and re-write your goals daily, they can become solidified into your subconscious mind and are better established as a priority. For example, setting a goal to better hear your loved ones over the phone, establishing a plan of action and then dedicating the effort to practice daily, will aid you in reaching that goal. By tracking your improvements and progression, you will have a clear picture of how far you have come.

Reduces anxious feelings

Utilizing your journal can benefit in curbing anxious feelings and help to stay focused. Writing in a journal may even assist you in making sense of your emotions, reducing stress and allowing you to release those emotions.

Generates clarity

By journaling in the morning and evening about your cochlear implant challenges, successes and feelings, you can quickly see the patterns in your life. Journaling can be a beautiful and powerful aid of self-discovery, physical and emotional improvement.

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Getting started

We encourage you to consider journaling as a comforting outlet and hearing therapy goal tracker whether you are a newly implanted cochlear recipient or a long-term one. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • You will want to get yourself a dedicated journaling book or keep a digital journal on your computer or tablet. Microsoft Office1 even has a template you can download.
  • Follow a routine where you write at the same time every day so a habit can be established.
  • Even with all the many benefits, journaling can be hard to find the time to do, as well as knowing where to start. We encourage you to begin on a smaller scale by doing it consistently for a few days, including minor posts and goals set. Monitor how you are feeling and adjust your approach to land on a routine that is best for your well-being.

Journaling is a great way of putting a lens on opportunities to be had and progress to be made with your cochlear implant.  It is also a clear reminder of our reasons to be grateful. Journaling can support you in your mission to achieve your hearing goals and show up better in every area of your life.

Buy a hardback journal or download a personal journal template and start your cochlear implant hearing therapy journaling today!

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Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez is the Associate Volunteer Engagement Manager and has worked for Cochlear since 2016. She is responsible for communication and onboarding with the Cochlear volunteer community. Anna is a Colorado native and enjoys being outside in the beautiful weather with her son.