Did you know some skill building activities can help your brain adapt to listening with a cochlear implant? To help you, we have developed a series of interactive activates called skill builders in our new app, Cochlear™ CoPilot, is designed to help people with cochlear implants improve their listening skills.


In the Cochlear CoPilot app, ‘Building Blocks of Listening’ is a good place to start. It’s part of the skill builder series to help you with the fundamentals of communication – from distinguishing sounds and identifying words to helping you build your comprehension skills.

“I love the little word exercises that help me work on word recognition. I always have my phone with me and to do a quick exercise a couple of times a day is fun and interesting, and really makes me focus on my listening skills,” says Christine, a cochlear implant recipient who lives in the US.

You can choose from dozens of interactive sessions in Building Blocks of Listening, and you can select different levels to make it easier or harder to suit your personal needs.

A woman sits using her CoPilot app. She encourages others to improve your listening skills

Four simple steps to get started with the Building Blocks of Listening

Are you ready to start with the Building Blocks of Listening? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download Cochlear CoPilot for free from the Apple®1 App store
  2. Open the app. You’ll land on the ‘Discover’ page
  3. Tap ‘Browse all’ – bottom right corner of the screen
  4. Building Blocks of Listening is the first topic on the page.

Designed for iPhone®, Cochlear CoPilot is free, convenient and you can use it at your own pace. Get started with Telephone with Confidence and other Skill Builders today!

Download Cochlear CoPilot from the Apple App store today!

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Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez is the Associate Volunteer Engagement Manager and has worked for Cochlear since 2016. She is responsible for communication and onboarding with the Cochlear volunteer community. Anna is a Colorado native and enjoys being outside in the beautiful weather with her son.