No matter where you may be in your journey to better hearing, Communication Corner has activities and resources that can be tailored to meet any individual’s listening and language needs.


The adult programs and activities are designed to improve listening, encourage conversations and instill confidence. For children, the activities support the development of auditory, speech and language skills. Regardless of age, these training programs are fun and engaging.

What will you find

Within each Communication Corner program you will find:

Clinically structured programs and activities based on age and development.

  • An interactive, very easy to use assessment tool designed to provide a starting point for anyone with hearing loss or a parent of a child with hearing loss.
  • Downloadable and printable weekly activity sheets for each program.
  • Individually designed program for the improvement of telephone skills for teens and adults.
  • Every training program is arranged using a simple to complex hierarchy that supports overall development in all aspects of the communication pathway.

The list below provides a framework of what age groups are supported and what area of development the activities target within each section:

  • Young Children and Families – Activities that support audition, expression and receptive language development.  Songs, rhymes and stories complement the weekly activities.
  • School-age Children – Skills and activities to support listening, expanding communication and providing the confidence needed to support in-school success.
  • Tweens and Teens – Programs supporting detection, discrimination, identification and comprehension; and telephone communications skills. Activities focus on topics that are relevant for teenagers
  • Adults – Programs offer activities focused on detection, discrimination, identification and comprehension; telephone communications; and music appreciation and pitch perception improvement.

A screen shot of Communication Corner

Visit Communication Corner today to download and print fun and engaging weekly activity sheets for yourself or your children and start down the road to hearing improvement.

Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez is the Associate Volunteer Engagement Manager and has worked for Cochlear since 2016. She is responsible for communication and onboarding with the Cochlear volunteer community. Anna is a Colorado native and enjoys being outside in the beautiful weather with her son.