You’ve taken action to treat your hearing loss to reconnect with sound, loved ones and the world around you. Now it’s time to unleash even more of your potential so you can enjoy the everyday moments and experiences that matter to you. Cochlear™ CoPilot is our latest app designed for iPhone® to help you build the knowledge and skills to listen and communicate while managing real-life situations.


A self-guided app

A cochlear implant helps to improve hearing outcomes, and research shows that people who take an active role in managing their hearing health by building knowledge and skills, are more likely to experience improvement in broader real-life listening and communication outcomes.1 2 3

With this in mind, Cochlear CoPilot has been developed as a self-guided app featuring information, support and targeted skill-building activities to help you build your listening confidence.

The app features articles by clinical experts and recipients with insights, strategies and support on a range of topics – from listening in noise and managing listening fatigue to reconnecting to music.

A cochlear recipient is using a new app, CoPilot is here to help.

You’ll also find practical tips to get the most out of your sound processor and accessories for everyday activities.

“I liked the articles under different categories with direct links to resources, articles, and YouTube, including apps. It truly is a one stop for all, regardless if one is a new or a long-time recipient,” says Kathleen, a cochlear implant recipient who lives in the US.

Activities to fit into your everyday life

Cochlear CoPilot also features interactive activities designed to help you build listening skills – from early awareness of sound through to comprehension and conversations on the phone. More activities will feature in future releases of the app.

Our brains continue to change and adapt throughout our life as a result of experience4 5 6. As adults we can learn new skills, but often require more focused attention or active practice to learn.7

A man lays on a couch using a new app. CoPilot is here to help.

“I love my CI, but some words are still very difficult to understand and I find myself guessing. I find the Skill-Up Listening Practice very helpful in trying to identify words,” says Laurie, a cochlear implant recipient who also lives in the US.

“The app has helped me with my listening skills and rehab. I felt like I was on my own when I was implanted and really wish I had access to an app for information,” says Laurie.

Wynn, who received her cochlear implant more than five years ago, also finds the interactive skill builders beneficial: “I still regularly focus on listening exercises. I liked the ability to repeat and the immediate feedback of a correct or incorrect answer.”

Free and convenient

Designed for iPhone8, Cochlear CoPilot is free, convenient and you can use it at your own pace. And no matter what your age or level of comfort with technology, the app is easy to use – wherever or whenever you want to.

Get started today! Download Cochlear CoPilot for free from the Apple® App store®9.

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Anna Martinez
Anna Martinez is the Associate Volunteer Engagement Manager and has worked for Cochlear since 2016. She is responsible for communication and onboarding with the Cochlear volunteer community. Anna is a Colorado native and enjoys being outside in the beautiful weather with her son.