Music plays an integral role in people's lives, however, some cochlear implant recipients report that listening to music after hearing loss can be a challenge.


To help address this problem, Cochlear has developed “Bring Back the Beat”, a new learning app in the form of a game to help adults with Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implants to reconnect with the joy of music.

Research shows that focused attention to music and listening practice improve appreciation of music.

The interactive app brings to life five different activities centered in the world of Harmony, a world that has lost its color and sound. Starting with simple notes and instruments, building to more complex melodies and musical activities, you will unlock the gates bringing color and sound back to this cheerless world and retrain your brain to appreciate the different pitches and melodies along the way.

Launched to a pilot recipient group at Cochlear Celebration, recipients had a chance to interact with the app and already report a highly positive experience: “The app has made a tremendous change in my music perception,” Kathleen Myers told Cochlear staff at the event.

“This app actually allowed me to identify and distinguish different instruments, different pitches and so forth. That in turn increased my musical comprehension and appreciation,” said Kathleen.

“I could not have done this three months ago or six months ago…There has not been anything out there until Bring Back the Beat.”

The app allows users to explore a variety of instruments, notes and pitches. Players can even stage their own concert within the app, and they can link their Spotify account within the app to keep track of the music they have listened to and enjoyed.

“I use the app on a daily basis – I love the app!”

Bring Back the Beat can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store or on Google Play™.  Log in to the app by using your Cochlear Family account information or create a new account within the app itself. Availability in Canadian app stores coming soon!


Bring Back the Beat now!


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