If you want to wear your sound processor upgrade as soon as it arrives, choose Ready-to-Wear, a free-of-charge Cochlear™ service that loads your current programs to your new sound processor before it ships to you.


Getting a sound processor upgrade can be an exciting and anticipated occasion. The upgrade process typically takes 6-8 weeks from order placement to receiving your new sound processor in the mail.  Did you know there is a option of receiving your new Nucleus® or Kanso® Sound Processor upgrade with your current programs already loaded onto the new device so that you can wear it right away?

What is Ready-to-Wear?

  • Ready-to-Wear1 is a free of charge service provided by Cochlear. Before your sound processor upgrade ships from Cochlear, our Hear Always Team will pre-load your current programs onto the device so that you can wear it when it arrives to you in the mail.

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Why would you choose Ready-to-Wear?

  • Ready-to-Wear allows you to use your new sound processor right out of the box without having to first visit your audiologist for programming.
  • In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 27% of respondents said that Ready-to-Wear was the most important program or service in their upgrade process and over 62% of upgrade orders were placed Ready-to-Wear.

Hear from Nancy, who chose Ready-to-Wear for her sound processor upgrade

How to choose Ready-to-Wear

Who qualifies for Ready-to-Wear?

  • Participants in the Ready-to-Wear process must be over the age of 5
  • If you’ve visited your audiologist in the last 3 years, you’ll likely have programming that qualifies.

Who does not qualify for Ready-to-Wear?

  • Ready-to-Wear is not available for hybrid externals and certain implant types, including but not limited to ABI-CI4 implants, double array implants and N22 implants that are not currently paired with a Nucleus 6 Sound Processor.
    • If you have an N22 implant and are currently wearing an Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, you can qualify to use Ready-to-Wear.
  • If your clinician decides that this option is not right for you or Cochlear is unable to program it, your sound processor will be shipped unprogrammed.

When do you need to visit your audiologist after receiving your sound processor Ready-to-Wear?23

Image explaining when you need to visit your audiologist after receiving your sound processor Ready-to-Wear: 1-If you experience issues with retention or discomfort upon wearing your sound processor that has programs loaded through the Ready-to-Wear service, you’ll need to contact your audiologist immediately. 2-• If you have a compatible ReSound hearing aid, you’ll need to visit your audiologist to have it relinked with your upgraded sound processor to use smart bimodal streaming. 3-To activate advance features or to adjust your programming, you can speak with your audiologist in your next appointment.

Who makes Ready-to-Wear possible?

Cochlear’s Hear Always Team is dedicated to ensuring recipients are in sound and to making the lives of recipients and clinics a little easier. If a recipient needs a sound processor repaired or upgraded, this team works together and with clinicians to properly identify and load an individual’s unique programs onto the device before it is shipped. From working with Cochlear’s customer service teams on order processing, to obtaining programming MAPS from clinics, to loading programs onto sound processors, they each provide strengths to allow for a processor to be delivered to a recipient Ready-to-Wear from the comfort of home. This is no small task, as the team often programs over 1,000 sound processors per month!

“We are Here Always to help you Hear Always.”

~Mike Solano, Hear Always Technician


Consider Ready-to-Wear when you place an order for a Cochlear Nucleus or Kanso Sound Processor upgrade.

  1. Ready-to-Wear is available to recipients age 5 or older. The Ready-to-Wear service is not available for hybrid externals and certain implant types. For bimodal recipients with a compatible ReSound hearing aid to take advantage of smart bimodal streaming, they will need to visit their clinician to have the hearing aid and sound processor re-linked.
  2. For compatibility information and devices, visit cochlear.com/compatibility and resound.com/compatibility.
  3. ReSound is a trademark of GN Hearing A/S
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