“It's going to be fun growing old now” Imagine rediscovering sounds that you hadn’t heard in 15 years. A feeling of ecstasy was what Scot had experienced when he started to hear the sounds of nature that, as an avid outdoors person, he’d been missing for so long.


Scot experienced gradual hearing loss that resulted in missing many conversations with his loved ones around the dinner table. He felt isolated and embarrassed until his wife, Chris, encouraged him to look into Cochlear. With his cochlear implant, Scot now hears more than he has in 15 years.

“We were coming down the road and there’s a wetland area down there. And Chris makes me stop and we roll down the windows and there are frogs,” says Scot. “It was crazy what I was hearing. I couldn’t hear enough of it … it puts a smile on your face again.”

Scot retired to a woodland area where people love to come and vacation, enjoying canoeing and camping out in nature. Now with his Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 8 Sound Processor, he’s looking forward to more adventures with Chris, and quality time spent with his two adult daughters.

“It’s going to be fun growing old now and being able to hear again,” says Scot. “The technology, you can’t believe what is offered here, and what you can have.”

Scot, who uses the new Nucleus 8 Sound Processor technology, standing on a dock with his wife, pointing to something on the water. What Scot likes most about his new sound processor

Being “a big music guy”, Scot is enjoying music streamed directly to his sound processor from his compatible smartphone1. “I can do so much with just that iPhone, how fantastic is that? That my phone is that compatible. In the car I put on music now, I can put on an audiobook, or I can answer my phone. It’s just amazing.”

Scot is getting used to all the new technology available to him.

“I can change the volume, I can put on my Mini Mic, so having those features are just cool,” he says.

Scot, who uses the newest Nucleus 8 Sound Processor technology, pulling a canoe with his wife and staring into the distance. His cochlear implant is visible on his ear. When backing up his truck to attach the campervan, Scot gives his Mini Microphone 2+ to Chris so that he can clearly hear her directions streamed directly to his sound processor.

The size and fit of the Nucleus 8 Sound Processor was a pleasant surprise for Scot, who was initially concerned about how the external device would look.

“Before I got my cochlear implant, I didn’t like the aesthetics part of it. What are people going to see? What are people going to think?” says Scot. “Now I’m kind of proud about it and I show it off. It’s comfortable. I don’t realize that it’s even there at all. The fit is just incredible.

As a relatively new recipient, Scot is noticing how much progress he is making with his hearing “almost on a weekly basis”. He’s now enjoying those sounds that he couldn’t hear with hearing aids and feels more engaged with his family.

Scot, who uses the newest Nucleus 8 Sound Processor technology, sitting with his family playing a board game. Game nights are back thanks to Scot’s N8 Sound Processor 

“My daughters, they’re happy and can see a difference in me. It’s just so much nicer around the kitchen table or just hanging out with them now,” says Scot.

“I’m excited for, you know, how am I going to hear next week? I’m excited to go now and be with people. I’m excited for Chris and I to go adventure.”

“It puts a smile on your face again. It’s those little things that I’ve been missing for so long.”

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  1. The Nucleus 8 Sound Processor is compatible with Apple and Android devices. For information regarding the compatibility of Cochlear’s Sound Processors with Apple or Android devices, and True Wireless Devices, visit www.cochlear.com/compatibility
Jesse Griego
Jesse Griego is the Social Media Specialist at Cochlear Americas. Jesse finds inspiration daily in the resiliency of our recipients and their hearing journeys. Jesse was born and raised in Colorado and in his free time enjoys being a wrestling and lacrosse coach, playing guitar and being with his hound dog.