Music plays a major role in our lives but the experience can be different after getting a cochlear implant. Learn how to regain the joy of music with a cochlear implant.


We all have had that experience of hearing a song and reflecting to a time and place. It is like the music transports us right back to that very moment allowing us to visualize and feel that experience again. Sometimes we need an escape, whether it be uncertain times or troubles we may be dealing with. Music can sweep us away, offering a means for emotional release.

Music can be therapeutic

Listening to music is said to even stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals. It can help energize our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings. Listening to music is a popular way to cope with difficult times. For example, it can sometimes express how we are feeling or vent difficult thoughts and emotions for us. We may be able to relate to the music and find comfort from the words in a song.

One study showed that, for adults with depression, improvisational music therapy was more effective than standard of care. The study also showed that group singing reduces stress and arousal as measured by adrenocorticotropic hormone levels, though the effects on oxytocin were less clear.1 By listening to music we may feel our mood or energy improve.

Bring Back the Beat

How does music affect you?

To find out how music affects you, try and become aware of the effect certain songs, styles, artists have on you. Some music may allow you to sit with a mood, explore it, understand it, but not feel worse from doing so. Other music might help you change a mood or set a new mood. This can be helpful if it allows you to bring your mood and emotions to a more positive place.

We asked recipients about their experience with music and the impact it has on their overall wellbeing. Many stated music was not the same after getting a cochlear implant and they longed for the true enjoyment again. With commitment and focused attention, they were able to regain music enjoyment and the impact on their wellbeing has been overwhelmingly positive. We asked them to share with us their favorite “happy” songs so that we could share with you.  We have compiled a Wellbeing Playlist for your listening pleasure. You can find the Wellbeing Playlist within the Bring Back the Beat app under the Repertoire section of the app, where players connect to their Spotify account. We hope these songs bring a smile and splash of happiness to your life.

Bring Back the Beat

Seeking to improve on your appreciation for music after getting a cochlear implant?

Try the Bring Back the Beat music app.  The Bring Back the Beat app is a fun interactive training app developed by Cochlear to help recipients improve pitch and music perception with cochlear implant.  As well as this playlist and free connectivity to Spotify, the rewarding activities provide you with the opportunity to challenge yourself, compete with others and track your progression.

Download the complimentary app from the Apple® App Store2 or on Google™ Play today3.

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