Would you love to be able to hear and experience the difference some of the features of our latest technology can make in your daily life? Now you can! You’re just one click away from being able to actually hear the difference ForwardFocus makes to hearing conversations in noisy places.


Focus on what’s important to you

ForwardFocus1 is a feature available in of some of our Cochlear™ Nucleus® System sound processors to help you focus on face-to-face conversations. To bring this to life for you, we have created three short “before and after videos” filmed in real-life situations – an office, café and place of study – to let you experience the difference of sound in noisy situations. When you’re outside on a windy day, talking to your boss in a bustling office, or having dinner with a good friend in a crowded restaurant, each situation helps show how ForwardFocus technology may help and helps show the difference your sound processor can make when you have the latest technology. ForwardFocus is available with the Nucleus 8, Nucleus 7 and Nucleus Kanso® 2 Sound Processors. With the new Nucleus 8 Sound Processor, an improved ForwardFocus more powerfully2 reduces distracting background noise when you want to focus on face-to-face conversations.3

You can also share these videos with family and friends to help them understand that it’s not always easy to follow conversations, even when you’re wearing a hearing device.

Catching up with a friend over dinner

Trying to catch up with a good friend in a noisy restaurant, café or bar? Watch how it’s easier to make plans for a friend’s wedding when background noise is filtered out.

Hearing exciting news while outside

Watch this university student share some exciting news about her future, outside on a sunny, windy day.

Planning a big project with your boss in a busy office

The boss was impressed with your work and wants to share her feedback with you. Watch as she explains the next steps on your big project, in the middle of a busy office.


Learn more about the latest hearing technology and upgrading to the Nucleus 8 Sound Processor here.


  1. ForwardFocus can only be enabled by a hearing implant specialist. It should only be activated for users 12 years and older who are able to reliably provide feedback on sound quality and understand how to use the feature when moving to different or changing environments.  It may be possible to have decreased speech understanding when using ForwardFocus in a quiet environment.
  2. Compared to Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with ForwardFocus on.
  3. Cochlear Limited. D1964109 CLTD5804 Clinical Investigation Report – Feb 2022.
Jen Schulz
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