Kids love to play, run and be active, and the Baha® 5 Sound Processor shouldn’t get in the way of everyday activities.
On the contrary, it’s a natural part of your child’s life, helping them to hear, learn and communicate. Use the Baha safety line to ensure they hear their best no matter where they go or what they’re doing.

While a number of studies of the Baha Attract System show that the SP Magnet has extremely good retention – as it is designed to remain on firmly when running, going up and down stairs or during exercise routines – we recommend always using a safety line for extra security. This little tool prevents the sound processor from hitting the ground should it come loose, and it helps children easily put it back on.
Simply run the safety line through the indicated portion of the processor and loop it through, then pull until tight. The rest is easy: after you put on the processor, simply clip the safety line to the collar of your clothing. It’s the easiest investment you can make to ensure your processor stays secure in any situation.
You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child’s processor is protected, and your child can be free to run, play and dance to their heart’s content.
For more information on how to attach the safety line and fasten it to your clothing, check out these informational videos:
Baha 5-Attaching the safety line
Baha 5 Power-Attaching the safety line

Skylar Mason
As a journalism student, Baha recipient, and Anders Tjellström Scholarship winner, Skylar is excited to join the team at Cochlear as an intern to tell the stories of other CI and Baha recipients! She attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.