A family gene identified that Eric might develop adult-onset progressive sensorineural hearing loss. Fearing social isolation and the inability to perform the responsibilities of his job, he heavily researched his options including cochlear implantation. He obtained a cochlear implant and he feels the results are nothing short of a miracle. Read more:


Eric, who has progressive sensorineural hearing loss posing at work in his scrubs for a photo. “I was born and raised in southeast Texas and this is the background on my hearing journey:

It was discovered that there was a gene on my father’s side of the family with variable penetrance that results in adult-onset slow/medium progressive sensorineural hearing loss beginning in my mid-40’s.

Growing up I went to medical school in San Antonio, completing a residency in radiology/fellowship interventional radiology. This allowed me to open my own private practice in south Mississippi, where I have resided for the past 25 years.

I recognized that I had in fact inherited the gene in my mid-40s’ and have been very proactive with treatment with obtaining behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids very early on for my progressive hearing loss. Since I knew that my hearing loss would continue to worsen, I was doing as much research as possible on cochlear implant technology, including involvement with a very active Facebook™1 cochlear implant group.

I decided in January of 2022 to get tested at a dedicated cochlear implant center. Since I am a native Texan with family/friends still in southeast Texas, I looked at the nearest hearing health facilities in my area and low and behold Cochlear has a dedicated testing center very close to some friends.The Cochlear Hearing Center-Houston (CHC)2 was a good fit for me.

Eric, who has progressive sensorineural hearing loss, kayaking in a lake with trees in the background. I was quite surprised to find that I qualified for a cochlear implant in my right ear.

Choosing the right brand for my future

I decided on the Cochlear brand because of stability (market share) and ongoing improvements in external hardware with new products every 4-5 years. New products to include ‘off-the-ear (OTE)’ options and user-friendly Bluetooth®3 streaming4.

Once I determined the company that I wanted to move forward with, we scheduled the surgery for April that same year. Now I am working hard on auditory rehabilitation and very much enjoying the benefits of both the Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor and Kanso® 2 Sound Processor.

I use the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor at work and social gatherings; I have also found that the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is great for kayaking and boating. I have seen significant improvement in my ability to function as an interventional radiologist (wear a mask and surgeon cap most of the day); I have also seen significant improvements in enjoying social gatherings and live music.

Eric, who has progressive sensorineural hearing loss, standing at the steering wheel of a boat and driving. Having lived as a fully functioning hearing person for most of my life, there was a period of relatively intense grief with the realization that I would gradually lose my native hearing, followed by a very proactive approach to finding the best solution available. The fear of social isolation and potential loss of my career (which I love) was terrifying.

The results have been nothing short of a miracle.”

If you or a loved one are experiencing progressive sensorineural hearing loss, find out if a cochlear implant may help you today!

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Jesse Griego
Jesse Griego is the Social Media Specialist at Cochlear Americas. Jesse finds inspiration daily in the resiliency of our recipients and their hearing journeys. Jesse was born and raised in Colorado and in his free time enjoys being a wrestling and lacrosse coach, playing guitar and being with his hound dog.