Wow! What an amazing day and great start of Celebration (#Cochlear2017)! The sense of community and family is overwhelming!
Some highlights of the day:
The #CochlearStaff worked hard to kick Celebration off so that all attendees would have an awesome time at Coronado Springs!

Cochlear staff discussing during celebration-2017


The Cochlear Living Room was a fun place to visit! You can get a personalized membership card for joining #CochlearFamily. This card has your Cochlear ID number, as well as important medical information.

Cochlear member showing the membership card

We had a blast tonight at the Ice Cream Social with such yummy treats! So many wonderful and familiar faces like Jim Patrick, and Richard Reed attended, and of course Mickey and Minnie were there too!

Cochlear members with Mickey and Minnie during the celebrationCochlear celebrations- 2017 memory photos

Tomorrow we will kick off bright and early and be sure to update you on The Wire!

Cochlear Guest Writer
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